Founded in the year 884 by count Diego Rodríguez Porcelos, during the reign of Alfonso III, the city of Burgos still keeps the distinctive features set by its founders. Throughout the city you will find hidden spots, squares and roads in a singular environment of outstanding beauty, not only due to its monuments but also to the beautiful parks inviting to take a walk around Burgos and enjoy its multiple charms.

From the Castillo hill, privileged viewpoint of the city, Burgos seems at touching distance, showing the mixture of the old neighbourhoods and the singular view of the Cathedral, displaying before you all its greatness and charm of small stone towers and chapitels, reaching to the pure blue skies of Burgos.

Around it, the gothic churches of San Esteban, San Gil, San Nicolas and Santa Agueda; San Lesmes a bit further; in the outskirts of town, the splendid group of the Real Monasterio de las Huelgas and, to the distance, like lost among pine trees, the Cartuja de Miraflores.

Places of interest:


One of the most beautiful monuments of the gothic art and declared World Heritage in 1984. Apart from a monument, the cathedral is a live temple, dedicated to cult and prayer, which throughout history has welcomed the artistic currents of each time, to dignify the ceremonies, the worship of God and the christian life.

Atapuerca sites

Atapuerca hill has been a great settlement full of life for more than a million years. On its beautiful sceneries, our ancestors heidelbergensis, neanderthals and sapiens have strolled, eaten,slept, harvested and hunted. Horses, rinhoceros, buffalos, fallow deers, wild boars, deers, bears, tigers, linxes and lions have shared riversides and woods of savins,oaks, holm oaks, chestnuts, birches, beeches, pine trees.

Museum of modern art (MMA)

CAB is a newly constructed building, located near San Esteban gothic church. It features the Caja de Burgos Collection and a varied program of exhibitions which glances through the current art movements and trends.

Festivities of interest:

Festivities of San Pedro and San Pablo. End of June

During the Celebrations of San Pedro and San Pablo, which last around 7 to 10 days, the city is transformed and embellished presenting many cultural and festive events in the streets, many of these following ancient traditions.

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