Lodging and meeting rooms:
The Palacio also offers lodging (114 rooms ) and modulars meeting rooms in the Hotel abba Burgos , next to the Palacio, with capacity from 10 up to 650 people.
Palacio of Congresses Atapuerca, offers annexed meeting rooms located in the Hotel Abba Burgos , next to Palacio, where they will be able to celebrate its work lunches, Gala dinners or cocktails up to 600 people.
Audiovisual services:
Palacio of Congresses provides you a team of professionals at your disposal in audiovisual services that have all the necessary technical resources to guarantee the success of your event.
Palacio of Congresses, offers the possibility to hire the specialized services of professional hostesses to attend congresses and meetings.
Palacio also offers hoist to displace your material for the different areas.
Internet Connection:
Wifi connection in all the building and within the auditori.
Palacio has 100 squares of private parking.
It will be carried out a daily cleaning of the rooms and common spaces, as well as the extra cleaning of the stands, or in the assemblies and disassemblies of exhibitions at the request of the client.
The Palacio has 3 offices to satisfy the needs of his clients.
Palacio of Congresses Atapuerca also has services according to the needs of the client.
Special celebrations
Varoius performances
Realization of film productions
Organization of press conference
Palacio de Congresos Atapuerca

Fernán Gonzalez, 74
09003, Burgos (España)

Tlf. +34 947 00 11 00
Fax +34 947 00 11 01

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